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For diabetes mellitus. It maintains and regulates the sugar level in blood. Narbada Ayurveda Dia Herb diabetes herbal powder helps in regulating the blood sugar level of your body and restores your lost energy, strength and vigor. This herbal medicine for diabetes is used as an alternative to prevent complications that arise due to diabetes. Dia Herb is 100 % safe and natural and hygienically packed under expert supervision. It helps in natural cure of diabetes without any side effects. Naturally regulates the secretion of insulin for better sugar control Helps to settle the symptoms of fatigue caused by diabetes in patients Prevents fluctuations in sugar levels.Our product contains the most natural and effective formulation of trusted natural ingredients that are carefully processed and manufactured in a GMP certified manufacturing facility so you can be sure that you're safe Vegan and vegetarian friendly-Diastan capsules, is produced in gluten-free capsules and contains no artificial ingredients Consider ordering one bottle for yourself and another for a friend or loved one. Keep each other motivated and reach your goals together and more quickly. Sarkkarai Kolli Ni Ralevu Choorana Healthcare stands by every quality product they make. We manufacture only premium and extra pure but high potency vitamins, capsules, pills, tablets, powders, multivitamins, herbal supplements and natural herbal skin & personal care products for men, women, and children. It not only helps you to stabilize and control diabetes but also targets your whole system and helps you to protect from many other diseases The stabilized allicin is the strongest and safest natural antibiotic known to man Regular consumption of the herbs present in this product is known to help by managing the body's natural sugar management process and help build immunity from common ailments.

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